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Are you Fed-up of Seeing Bad Looking Hair Extensions? by Diane Shawe

fed up of seeing bad hair extensionsWould you like to  generate £1000 a month with just 6 clients?

Do you think you could do better hair extension than what you have seen?

Well They Laughed When I Said I’d Earn an extra £1000 per month with just 6 clients!

A qualified Hair Extension Consultant is now in the top 15 best paying business  – Globally

So Who Else Wants To Earn an extra £1000 per month with just 6 clients And Have more income to spend on the things you want?

New Hair extension business Helps You Have more income to spend on the things you want… Guaranteed!

Just Imagine Being Able To:

  • Earn over £100 per client
  • Earn repetitive income each month
  • Work when you want where you want
  • Buy the things you really need
  • Have clients tripping over themselves to give you money

…And that’s just for starters!

A Moral, Ethical, & Perfectly Legal Ways To Earn an extra £1000 per month with just 6 clients!

It might seem crazy but I can prove it

And Not Only That, But:

  • A brand new technique that won’t damage the clients hair
  • A brand new technique that is flat to the touch
  • A brand new technique that makes the client’s hair extensions look natural
  • A brand new technique that gets you more referrals

Hurry before this one time deal runs out, book your place today

Here’s The Only Way Left For Regular Guys/Gals Like You And Me To Earn an extra £1000 per month with just 6 clients

If you sign up now you will automatically be eligible to enter our giveaway competition on the day of your training

Bonus #1: You could Win a photographic makeover or spa weekend for 2
On the day of your training you could win an additional bonus prize. We will tell you how on the day
Bonus #2: Collect a Goodie bag on completion of your course
Everyone who attends our 1 day course will leave with a Goodie bag
Bonus #3: Never reveal before how to get your first 20 clients and earn thousands
We will Spills The Beans On How Our other Technicians Are Quietly Earn an extra £1000 per month with just 6 clients

You have not got any more time to waste this is a skill for life

6 start a hair extension business earn 1000 with 6 clients by diane shaweWhats the Offer:

We’re offering you an introductory hair extension course for £55.00 or upgrade to an IAO accredited course for just £99, saving you up to 84% off Hair Extension Training Academy’s prices.

Still worried… too good to be true…… think it’s not for you….

We are confident that you will be completely impressed just see what Stacey Thomson said when she gave us a 5 star rating:

I attended this course today, I haven’t got any hairdressing experience so it was all pretty new to me but a would have to say that Diane explained the course in great detail. I felt comfortable and actually enjoyed myself throughout the course, Diane also told us some stories about her experience and I can personally say it has inspired me to enroll in more courses. The whole experience for me was exceptional and has opened so many door for a career path, I would say to anyone to go do this course as it is worth every penny.

Hundreds of people just like you have set up their business from home and are regularly earning thousands

This deal is only for a short time, so hurry register today and don’t miss out.. remember this skill you learn is for life!


What can/can’t I bring to the event?

You cannot bring a friend, but you can bring a pad and some water.

Is my registration/ticket transferable?

No because each pack and seat is bespoke to you and your certificate

Wowcher redeem hair extensions





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Never Miss the Opportunity to Accept Debit/Credit Cards with the New Breed of Mobile Readers

intuit credit card readerHave you setup your business to take money from plasitic cards anywhere?

Did you know that your clients will be more willing to part with £64 via their card than to part with £20 in cash – that’s astonishing!!!!!

You to, should join the increasing number of small businesses who never miss the opportunity to gain a sale and instead take advantage of the ability to take secure card payments via their mobiles or tablets.

The new breed of Debit/Credit mobile reader devices allows you to Accept credit card payments on your iPhone, Android or iPad with our easy to use credit card reader. No monthly fees or long term contracts.  There is no more excuse for you not to generate income on the move and here’s why.

worldzinc credit card reader

WorldpayZinc mobile card reader

The Benefits:

  • Never lose business by giving customers the opportunity to say ‘oh I haven’t got enough cash on me’ and then lose them because you were not able to take a cashless payment.
  • Card readers and your mobile phones are portable, so wherever you go, so does your business.
  • Nowadays customers expect to pay by card! No more walking around with large wads of cash or scraping about in your purse for change to give your clients

Here’s how it works:

  • Make an application to a bank/payment service provider like WorldPay Zinc, Paypal and Intuit for a Merchant Account. (Check around for who are offering the best rates and set up fees) They will need to know your current or projected sales per month. (Make sure you have your business setup as set out in our previous blog)
  • Request a card reader and download the App to use with the card reader. There will be useful tools in the App to help you manage your account and its transactions.
  • Some providers offer free readers but you may need to purchase or lease one (approx. £50). The device works by reading your client’s card and asks the cardholder to enter their PIN on the device. The device Bluetooths the information to your phone; then, via the App on your phone, the clients details are sent to your merchant account where the payment is authorised or denied. As long you have an internet connection, you are good to go.

What you need to know:

  • Most providers charge a set-up fee and you will also be charged for each transaction and in most cases for refunds
  • You won’t receive the money from transactions instantly but typically, you can expect for the money to reach your account within a week.
  • You are not liable for card fraud if you get a chip and pin device versus a chip and sign device. That said, to avoid fraudulent transactions, it does not hurt to ask for identification from your clients before accepting a purchase (you can write this into your terms and conditions )
  • Ensure your provider is compliant with the global Payment Card paypal credit card readerIndustry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This Authority is designed to protect your business transactions and your customers from fraud. Also ensure you keep customers financial information/receipts locked away safely as you are responsible for protecting their data.

So you can now make your mobile phone work for you and spend less time hassling about cash and more time collecting payments for your services.


7 Tips For Making Social Media Work For Your Small business by Diane Shawe

1 social media courses www.shortcourses.expertLet social media get your business more social

Does this look familiar to you?

Well chances are you know about this because you have seen this because you have looked at some form of social media.

Social media is an inexpensive way to promote yourself or your business.

What is Social Media exactly, well its all those websites and applications that allow you to create and share content (i.e. videos, pictures, words) on a social network. Some of most popular social networks include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest

So why use Social Media? Well, to put it simply it is all about getting noticed and staying noticed and that is exactly what you want to achieve – newly trained Hook and Latch technician (smiley face)

So here are some tips on how you can use Social Media to promote your business:

  • Be clear about two things: firstly ask yourself these questions – who do I want to promote to? and what is it that I am offering? – if you know these two things then you know exactly what information/content you want people to see. You want to be sure that your location, contact details, services, client type and your link to website is clear
  • Upload lots of content: Now that you know what content you want to share and to who- upload loads of it! When it comes to hair, nothing speaks louder than showcasing before and after pictures and video testimonials. You also want to upload anything fun or interesting the company is doing.
  • Build your Network: find similar friends and people to follow. Remember your network will share your content with their own personal networks. Search for keywords like hair extensions, beauty, hair and beauty makeovers to find new friends and followers. Also search your local and surrounding areas to find customers and or people/bloggers who can link with to help influence sales or promote your business.
  • Converse with your Network: now that you’ve built a network make sure you converse with your friends and followers. That means give feedback to other posts, answer questions, provide advice, whatever is takes to be seen as someone who is truly interested in their clients. Post conversation starters like for example – ‘Would you rock this hairstyle this fall?’ That way your clients will always come back to site and will always have something to chat about.
  • Add value to your product or service: Let’s face it, you’ve got competition and so you really need to stand out in the crowd. People love giveaways, so hold competitions, offer discounts and referral programs, create a subscription website in which clients can view video tutorials and offer exclusive deals to regular customers. This is a sure fire way to increase your following or create loyal customers
  • Stay Current: Hashtag current trends to create interest and draw users to accounts for example #hairextensions
  • Stay safe: Don’t forget to visit your setting section and outline who can make comments, view your profile, tag you or even connect with you. We know it’s called social media but not everyone is social and Reputation Management will be your own responsibility.

Lastly, I would like to suggest that you get with the times… if you don’t know – you can do all of this from the comfort of your own phone, yup your mobile phone:

Interested in taking a social media online course then send us your inquiry at or give us a call on 0203 551 2621

Watch out for the next news letter which will cover how to take payment from debit/credit cards using your mobile phone.

10 Questions You Absolutely Must Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

Need help with sharpening up your interviewing skills?

Need help with sharpening up your interviewing skills?