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Finding the time for Big Society and binge doing ~ Big Society Network

To all intent and purpose, the Big Society has always been within our various communities in one way or the other.  However I think the article posted by Andy Green has some valid points.

Finding the time for Big Society and binge doing ~ Big Society Network.



Bluetooth helps Hillstreet Shopping Centre snap up award

AN INNOVATIVE Bluetooth marketing system has helped the Hillstreet Shopping Centre in Middlesbrough win national recognition.

June 18 2010 Evening Gazette

Hillstreet Shopping Centre

The centre won awards in the digital marketing and community relations categories of the British Council of Shopping Centres’ (BCSC) annual Purple Apple Marketing Awards.

Competition judges praised Hillstreet for engaging with new marketing channels and achieving return on investment for retailers and partners.

The Tees side firm said its Bluetooth system was a key part of its overall marketing strategy. The technology allows retailers to learn more about the buying habits of their customers and produce targeted promotions which help to boost sales.

Five transmitters were installed in the mall which sent promotional information to more than one million bluetooth-enabled mobile devices since the scheme began in 2008. Around 100,000 downloads have been made – a conversion rate of around one in ten.

Jon Walton, Hillstreet marketing consultant, said: “Retailers see it as a value-added tool for which they don’t have to pay. A conversion rate of one in ten is a great result for any advertising campaign.”

Hillstreet plans to increase the number of transmitters to 12 and trial the technology in individual retail units.

With over 60 million Smartphones and PDA users in the UK alone, 60% of them continually Bluetooth enabled, Bluetooth proximity marketing allows ‘on the spot’ communication without the delay and expense of printing or using expensive broadcasting services.

Diane the Project Director of i-send proximity, states “It is clear that retailers are looking for a new and direct way to connect with passing consumers.  Smartphones are on the rise and with the introduction of the  i-pad, using a low energy, green multi media broadcasting transmitter to connect in real time at low costs have to be of advantage to both the retailer, consumer and the shopping area’

For more information on how to install a blue tooth broadcasting network visit and request more information.