Is Adult Education Broken asks Diane Shawe?

“No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is but the world as it will be.”

Will the current type of Adult Education keep you in Employment?

Diane Shawe’s latest publication ‘Is Adult Education Broken suggests that a 21st-century educational system must focus on the areas where humans can outclass computers—such as in cognitive skills, interpersonal skills, fine motor skills, or sophisticated coding skills.

More and more top fortune company’s are giving way to automation primarily to drive costs down, improve reliability, security and accuracy. But what will be the toll on the human race if man cannot firstly perform a useful task for which he is paid and secondly sustain is family, community and self with the neccesities to survive and enjoy living?

“If unemployment formed a country it would be the 5th largest in the world” Isaac Asimov

Diane believes that the educational environment needs to make sure that the type of education  supplied can keep a population in work or self-employment, performing meaningful tasks relevant to todays and tomorrow needs.

The delivery of #Education has to become student-centric and move away from solely institutional constructs that are not fluid to change.


How can we make the new economic age enhance, rather than diminish, our quality of learning? How can we make this amazing innovation advance the prospects of all people especially those with experience and not just for the youth?

Fundamentally, we need to change what people learn, how people learn, when people learn, and even why people learn.
Inside her publication she explores why there is a

: Failure to find a fomular to develop teachers convergent and divergent facilitating skills
: failure to consider cultural relevance
: failure to develop enterprising and entrepreneurial skills
: failure to prepare skills to develop taking personal responsibility
: failure to encourage international engagement
:failure to manage growth of academic misconduct

Is #Adult #Education Broken? #DianeShaweAuthor introduces a A thought-provoking read which suggests the main failings in education for tomorrows economy—powered by #technology, fueled by #information, driven by #knowledge and becoming #automated is exchange of outdated information for the exchange of money.

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