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ONLINE Christmas shoppers spent £1 million in a single minute for the first time


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On Monday 6th December an article introduced by Jonathan Prynn and Mark Priggs of Byline reported that for the first time the seven-figure barrier was broken just before 1pm on the most frenzied online shopping day of the year.

The precise high-water mark was 12.58pm, when 128 transactions per second were processed by retailers. In last year’s busiest minute, on December 7, [pounds sterling]732,000 was spent. The most popular gifts being snapped up by internet shoppers are the Mini Micro T-bar Scooter, the Nintendo Wii Fit Plus game, Lego’s Winter Toy Workshop and the Apple iPod Touch

Selfridges said its online sales soared 50 per cent last week, while John Lewis said sales through its website were up 62.2 per cent. The first week in December is thought to see the peak in online buying, because it comes after November pay cheques have been paid in but before the “zone of uncertainty” when consumers grow increasingly nervous about whether their gifts will arrive in time for Christmas.

Monday lunchtime is particularly popular, because it is the first chance many people have to buy after making their purchasing decisions over the weekend.


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