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What Impression do you make? How to develop your personal brand

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How to develop your personal brand

Have you given much thought about the impression you make? How much leeway do you have to express yourself at work, at home, and via your social media?

By Diane Shawe, M.Ed. IEBE

If you go to the hospital, they are dressed a certain way, the staff may even speak to each other in a certain way. If you stop at most petrol stations, the salesperson is probably dressed quite differently than your physician, and yet still in a way that reflects and supports the business. You go to these people in order to receive a service or a product, and you probably go to them specifically because they have left some kind of impression on you. We refer to this impression as their personal impact.

Have you given much thought about the impression that you make? How much leeway do you have to express yourself at work, at home, or even via the social media? While the impact you have can be derived from the way you present yourself (through how you behave and what you wear), we also have to look at ways that reflect your personality and individualism. Have you considered yourself to be a brand, and have your considered how you could strengthen your brand in work, business and socially?

When you plan to take a short holiday and ask your neighbor to watch your home for you, what is it that makes you ask that particular neighbor? Are they trustworthy? Friendly? Do they consistently conduct themselves in a way that leads you to think they are a good person? If so, you are feeling some of the impact of their personality.

They present themselves in a particular way, and unless you see some demonstration of inconsistency (which may lead you to question their credibility), to you their impact seems quite clear.

What kind of impact trail are you leaving behind, What impact do you want to make and leave with others?

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Why smartphones & ipads are playing a major part in online learning

The World of education has changed, and this has impacted on personal trainers, teachers and life coaches on how they source and deliver training.
Institutions of higher learning increasingly embrace online education, with 65.5 percent of chief academic officers now calling online education ?critical? to their institution?s long-term strategy, an opinion that?s risen more than 15% over eight years.
67% believe academic outcomes from online classes are equivalent to those in face-to-face learning, but still, one-third of academic leaders think online classes are inferior. We do not agree with this but we do understand that resistance to change can often impede new growth.
Express Online Training Courses
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  • Reaction to Change, Early adopters and Diehards.
  • Learning Management Systems
  • Mobile legacy courses
  • Interactive content
  • Blogs and education
  • Digital publishing and learning
  • QR Codes and how it will benefit educators
  • Hosting Learning in the cloud
  • New Blended Learning in community, mobile, webinar and video
  • Augmented Reality related to mobile learning and diversity
  • Virtual Worlds multi learners simulations in 3D
  • Pocket Video Technology for informal learning
  • Social Media integrating across all devices to improve online collaboration
  • What is a Virtual Tutor/Trainer
  • Defining the growth of online Soft Skills Training
  • Benefits and Advantages for Virtual online Tutor/Trainers
  • Diminished environmental Constraints
  • The New Online E-Learning Process
  • The Opportunity
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