Landing pages are king if you want to build a data list

Money money and list buildingYou’ve probably heard this phrase a number of times and then got on with whatever you were doing before in your internet business. But it’s time to listen up again because the money really is in the list.

article by Diane Shawe M.Ed

All successful internet marketers have one thing in common and those who are try to make money online for ages with no success frequently don’t bother with one. A list is the most crucial part of your kit for your online success and here’s why.

With a list you have control over the traffic that you want to drive to your offer and traffic is the life blood of any internet business. When you have a list you can drive traffic at will to any sales page and you will have a readymade audience for whatever product you would like to create yourself.

A list is also the strongest asset that you can build online. After all, that website that you have been beavering away on may get a Google slap or disappear from the rankings but if you own your own list you can keep it to yourself or sell it, or grow it using ad swaps.

You also need to remember that this list of subscribers is a lot easier to sell to than any traffic that you will be pulling in from paid ads or free traffic sources. These are the warm leads on your list that you have been busy building trust with and they are far more likely to buy from you.

Next time we will look at how important it is to build the relationship with them and stay in touch with them in order to close those sales!

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