Diane Shawe M.Ed approved Business Start up Loan Mentor’ for Enterprising Women & Virgin Startup

Diane Shawe Host KCW Enterprise Womens Club

Diane Shawe Host KCW Enterprise Womens Club


Contact: Diane Shawe M.Ed

London UK, Tuesday 5th August 2014 – A successful UK entrepreneur and CEO has announces that she is now working with Enterprising Women to begin providing support and assistance to women from all walks of life who are looking to secure funding for brand new business ventures.

Diane Shawe Start up loan mentor

Diane Shawe Start up loan mentor

The range of supportive mentor services now available provides individuals with comprehensive guidance and support to identify and secure start-up funding, available from a range of providers. Diane Shawe is an accredited and certified ‘Enterprising Women’ startup loans mentor, ‘Virgin Startup Mentor’ and a registered leadership training provider for government backed ‘GrowthAccelerator’ initiative.

virgin startup loan mentors

Virgin startup loan mentors

The specific funding providers offer clients a viable means to secure the required capital to get their businesses off the ground through a range of financial contributions and matched funding. In addition to the practical support and advice to secure the startup loans required, Diane Shawe offers comprehensive mentoring which goes beyond forms and paperwork guidance. Drawing on her extensive experience in achieving decades of business success, she is able to pass on critical experience which money simply can’t buy.

About Diane Shaw M.Ed

leadership coursed for women diane shawe expresscourses

Growing your business? find out how GrowthAccelerator could help.

Diane Shawe M.Ed has proven her ability and aptitude in the business world with a string of successes and accolades including being the chief executive officer of a leading professional and vocational training provider, an acclaimed keynote speaker, published author, certified WEBE a member of the Chartered Management Institute (FCMI) and was recently a 2014 finalist at the Federation Small Business London for Innovation. For further information on the ‘business startup loan mentor’ program, please visit http://www.get.mentoring.dianeshawe.info or alternatively use the contact details shown with this release.



One response to “Diane Shawe M.Ed approved Business Start up Loan Mentor’ for Enterprising Women & Virgin Startup

  1. Today I completed the full day latch and loop hair extention course with Diane Shawe (creator of the latch and loop technique)

    “Will u get better value for your money else Ware ???
    I challenge you to try !!
    But I doubt it” ….
    Ware else will you get an inspiring real life success story ,delivered by the inovator of a leading edge technique ..” Diane Shawe:
    A lady who has clearly made a career ,business and teaching model out of hair extention techniques.
    A Lady who tips up to class in the wickedest pair of stilettos, taloured suit and amazing hair ha ha ,she sets the standards for how far you can really go in this business .. sharing her prrsonal journey of over 28yrs of trials, errors and experience in this field.She opens up the concept of marketing and advertising strategies that are simple yet affective in gaining and maintaning your clients base .
    This course is not only on the leading edge of hair extention technology( loop &latch) . It covers all the other variations that are used within the field And the potential that this sector offers even in a massively growing market.
    If you are wearer of hair extentions a stylist beautician or maybe a newbie …
    You have nothing to loose and everything to gain from attending one of Dianes courses
    Delivered at an in depth level giving you enough knowledge of your product, technique & understanding of your trade ,standards , and client base.
    Add proper practice, and mastering your new skill …
    You will be equipped to go out their into a competive market and absolutely smash it!!!! ( with or without previous experience)…
    even if you only learn this 1 technique….
    I doubt you will find the teaching quality product knowledge and course content on any other course.
    And I’m sure that’s the reason why so many try and fail within the industry ,
    Moreover given the guidance and the business acumen Dianne delivers ..
    From a good old manc lass it’s a big 5 *
    This course is the “bomb!!!
    Iim absolutely buzzing ive done it and It’s a big well done to AVPT and Diane Shawe for coming up with courses like the latch and loop
    On wards and upwards Diane
    See you soon I’m deffo returning for more training
    J X