Importance of developing a strategic approach to learning and harnessing the internal skills

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Corporates, enterprises and charities all wish to run their operations at the minimum costs allowed.

Article  by Diane Shawe M.Ed

We all recognise that in today’s environment, business moves faster than ever. Most organisations now recognise the importance of developing a strategic approach to learning and harnessing the internal skills of their teams. Moving away from more tactical based activities associated with training such as measuring skills-based behaviours, to focusing on acquisition of knowledge and learning transfer that result in individual and organisational performance improvements.

E-learning has the potential to fully integrate the benefits of personal freedom with connectivity (belonging to a purposeful group of learners). From an educational perspective the “e” in e-learning stands for more than electronic; it can also stand for extending and enhancing the learning experience.

Quote by Darwin rapid-technology-social-changeNew market opportunities open and close at blinding speed, new competitors emerge overnight, product life cycles are getting shorter, and customers are more knowledgeable and sophisticated. This fast-changing environment has led to requirement to change learning and training.  However more often than not, the task of aligning the learning organisation to the business can be challenging and the perception of how the business views the learning organisation in terms of aligning to strategic initiatives is different to how the learning organisation perceives itself.

Downsizing has resulted in a mass drainage and outflow of skills as employees or contractors are let go.  To ensure that an organisation can compete globally and remains at par with the technological changes in the global market committing to the investment of on-going skill training is often viewed as a potential unnecessary incision into the bottom line.  This continued way of thinking comes at a cost because of the risks involved in

developing the professionalism of the staff (Lucey, 2004). The fear of poaching of the staff by other companies after significant investment has been made in upskilling and training from the said company is of real concern, because skilled, experienced staff when pulled in can respond faster to problems brought forward by the customers and ensure high productivity and efficiency in the long run (Corbett & Huggett, 2009).

With the explosion of mobile technology, organisations need to take advantage of the benefits, scalability, and viability of using mobile e-learning, using smart phones, tablets, and notepads that offer a blended solution  to read more click to download white paper…

AVPTGLOBAL almost 400 courses all globally accredited

AVPTGLOBAL almost 400 courses all globally accredited

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