The Third Gulf Education Conference Hosted Many Educational Ministers From Around the World in London


AVPT at Gulf Educational Conference 2013

The Third Gulf Education Conference Hosted Many Educational Ministers From Around the World in London


by Arub Masoodi BA (Hons)
Public Relations (Social Media Focus) Intern, AVPT Global Ltd

Diane Shawe CEO & her team were exhibitors at this prestigious event where ministers and the heads of department met to discuss rethinking higher education in a global and digital age.
The conference took place on 19th and 20th June at the fabulous Millennium Gloucester Hotel in London.

The Gulf Education Conference, now in its third year, is an unrivaled occasion for leaders of education to meet and exchange ideas to further develop and enhance education around the world. The Conference allows a platform to collaborate on a global scale with leaders in education from the Gulf, Mena, UK & US in attendance while also creating a platform to address weak spots and key problem areas in order to implement better plans for improvement. Leaders of education such as, H.E. Ali Adeeb, Minister of Higher Education & Scientific Research Iraq, and Anjum Malik, cofounder Alhambra US Chamber Director, Global Marketing, GIEL University of Texas Austin, were in attendance.

AVPT attracted high levels of interest in their soft skills course when several ministers felt more attention was needed to develop these skills in their country.
Enquiries came flooding in from the Embassy of the Republic of Iraq, the American University in Cairo, the British Embassy in Doha and the Logic Institute CEO Husain Fateel who wants to create a joint venture with AVPT Global. AVPT attracted over 30 enquiries that are now being followed up.

AVPT, along with ministers of education, Chancellors and heads of corporation were able to engage directly with one another and discuss the future of education while collaborating on ideas and extending links to better global education.  


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