Social Media challenges for Rainmakers’ How to use linkedin even when you hate selling!

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LAW2014 18-20 MARCH 2014

Although some professional often think that social media is a tacky way of selling,  it is not. Negotiating the process of how you introduce your company and services is just  one stage of that process. There are three  stages  timing, intuition, and flexibility.  Law2014 Strategies for Success conference will be looking at some of the threats posed to the high street law firm by the introduction of ABS it is more important than ever for the high street law firm to maintain their customer base and effectively market themselves.

The Strategies for Success conference is the essential conference for all Management and Marketing personnel working within high street law firms and will provide the busy high street law firm professional with practical marketing tips in an increasingly competitive market place.

The conference will focus on strategies the high street law firm can adopt not only to ensure their survival in the face of fresh competition but to prosper in the new legal landscape. A line up of impressive spreakers on the topics to be covered will be:

Diane Shawe 1Social Media Challenges for RainMakers – how to use Linked In even when you hate selling!
Diane as a founder and CEO of two successful Training Companies based in London and Luxembourg Diane has built the company from a standing start in 2003 to a globally recognised training provider with an impressive year on year growt

john espley

John Espley, Peapod Legal Office

Strategies For Success for Small Law Firms
John has been working in the legal market for 10 years and has always helped small law firms to become more profitable

Alan Joenn

Alan Joenn, Collier Pickard

Fee earners and CRM – why both?
Alan Joenn is the Marketing Director at Collier Pickard. He has over 35 years’ experience in business automation, office automation and personal productivity within the IT sector and the commercial arena.

Phil Dedman

Phil Dedman, Mediaworks

Demystifying SEO 

Phil has worked with many global companies over the last 25 years and continues to be involved with companies internationally for both SME’s & Blue Chip companies

Roger Lane

Roger Lane, Actionstep UK

Modern Practice Management Go Beyond Managing the Matter 

Roger Lane, has spent over 30 years in the IT industry in a wide range of roles, including sales & sales management (including international), product marketing, strategic marketing and general management

Mark Scane

Mark Scane  ITM

Rani Sur

Rani Sur ITM

How to ease the burden of Auto Enrolment – The role of middleware 

Mark is a highly experienced consultant in corporate employee benefits with over 12 years within the pension and benefits market. Whilst Rani is a Senior Technical Consultant at ITM, the leading independent pension data and administration consultants. Rani works with the development and innovations team designing and developing the Auto Enrolment solution at ITM

Clwyd Probert

Clwyd Probert, Whitehat

The Google Zoo: Effective Internet Marketing Strategies For Law Firms 
Clwyd Probert is the founder, CEO and chief technical architect of Whitehat SEO. He is a technologist and marketer with international experience in London and New York

Each speaker is going to set out some of the real nuggets high street solicitors should put in place to establish a firm ground for all considerations once you decide to seriously utilise some of the benefits of Social Media and through the internet.

Diane Shawe M.Ed will be speaking on Thursday 20th March 2014 at 9.30am.

The LAW2014 event is to be held at Kensington Town Hall
Hornton Street, Kensington. London, W8 7NX

Open times

18th March – Day 1 – The event will be open between 8.30am – 5.30pm.

19th March – Day 2 – The event will be open between 8.30am – 5.30pm.

20th March – Day 3 – The event will be open between 8.30am – 4.00pm.

Successful Rainmakers do not focus on selling, successful rainmakers take time to understand what their clients’ needs are—not what they hope or think the clients’ needs are—. The only way to discover what clients require is to communicate, collaborate and then listen to their answers. Only after clarifying their clients’ needs do successful rainmakers try to provide a services to fit their needs.

Diane will report on the 9 mistakes businesses make with Linkedin.

Solicitors can book their 1 day course on how to set up a prime linkedin profile at stand 6.

Solicitors can book their 1 day course on how to set up a prime linkedin profile at stand 6.

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