Town Centres explore Bluetooth Marketing to help Retailers

Retail Theraphy Bluetooth Style

i-send is helping retailers around the UK explore the option of adding Bluetooth Broadcasting servers to help bring together Retailers and Consumers with the view to enhancing their shopping experience.

Bluetooth® Proximity Marketing provides exciting opportunities allowing retailers to broadcast rich content such as images, audio, video and applications to nearby mobile devices.

This powerful marketing technology is particularly effective for targeting  retail outlets, exhibitions and attendees at live events.

The result is increased footfall to retail stores, more visitors to your Town Centre, higher awareness of your brand and participation in other mobile services.

smarter way to connectWith over 60 million Smartphone’s sold in the second quarter of 2010, and over 60% of them activating Bluetooth, helping  retailers to connect directly with resident or visiting consumers will benefit Town centre fiscally over the next five years.

Bluetooth can deliver a cost effective, environmentally friendly, green campaign to a wide cross section of your Town

i-send Consultancy Services
Our highly experienced media and  technology specialists can provide you with the knowledge and tools to ensure your mobile project is successful and delivers maximum return on your investment.  We have in-depth industry knowledge, hands-on experience and understand business processes, which means we can advise on, and realise your organisation’s mobile aspirations.

With our extensive network of contacts within the mobile space we can put you in touch with the right people where necessary.  Open communication is core to our ethos and your long-term success with mobile is the ultimate goal.

We can provide consultancy services from a half-day discussion about your ideas, through to managing full life-cycle projects.  Such activities can include:

  • Project management
  • Feasibility and idea reality-checks
  • Vendor/partner evaluation and selection
  • Technical due-diligence for investment opportunities
  • Technical and architectural design and implementation
  • Systems integration
  • Matchmaking with potential partners

Contact us if you would like to arrange an appointment.  Please download our Retailers Bluetooth Discussion Document for more information.

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