The power of a Bucket List – Stephen Sutton exceeded his raising over £3million

stephen sutton raises over 3 million report expresstraining coursesThe Power of a Bucket List

Have you made one, or thought about it? Maybe it includes a marathon or to dive in the Great Barrier Reef, walk the Wall of China or a skydive? Well then this should inspire you to get going on that list…

At the age of 15, Stephen Sutton was diagnosed with bowel cancer and two years later he was told it was terminal. Some teenagers would have quit there, given up on their hopes and dreams and let the b*stard that is cancer beat them. But not this one.

Instead, Stephen created a whopper bucket list with 46 tasks on it that he wanted to complete with all funds raised going to the Teenage Cancer Trust. It included:

 ─        Skydive for charity

─        Organize a charity party

─        Write a book

─        Organize a charity football match

─        Organize a charity gig

─        Go busking!

─        Persuade local schools to have a ‘get wiggy with it’ non uniform day

─        Charity quizzes at local pubs

─        Organize a charity ball

 All of which Stephen completed since being diagnosed, really quite amazing let’s be honest. But the best was yet to come. Stephen aimed to raise £10,000 for the trust but thanks to the wonderful world of social media the world spread with #ThumbsUpForStephen trending in the UK and one point donations were being made at a rate of £1,000 a minute.

The result
Stephen has now raised a total of £2,225,152 and it’s still going up. He really is quite the legend and we hope that Stephen feels proud of what he has done and it motivates him to continue fighting his cancer.

So have you created your own Bucket List  it is similar to setting goals, click here to find out how to go about setting your goals and creating your own fantastic bucket list.

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