Diane Shawe nominated at International Women’s Day Roll of Honour 2013 at the House of Lords

Lord Errol and Jill Pay

Una and Diane Shawe

At the House of Lords, Helene Martin Gee and Jill Pay presided over the announcement of the 2013 Roll of Honour to celebrate International Women’s Day.

Diane Shawe CEO of AVPT was amongst several other women who was nominated for the 2013 IWD Roll of Honour.

After the presentation, guests enjoyed a sparkling afternoon tea hosted by The Earl of Erroll and Baroness Morris.

This year’s theme is ‘Wonderful Women’ inspirational women who have touched our lives. These amazing women were nominated by Pink Shoe members and friends. All those nominated are included, there was no selection process, as all these wonderful women have inspired those who nominated them.

As Helene said in her introduction, the list comprises women from all backgrounds and areas of life, and all have achieved a great deal, working locally, nationally, internationally. Some are household names and others are well known within their communities.

What they each have in common is they are all making a tangible difference to the lives of others. These women are truly inspiring!

We were delighted to be joined by many of the women included in the Roll of Honour, and those who had nominated them, along with Pink Shoe members and friends, as well as students from Lambeth Academy and Cardinal Pole schools.

With huge thanks to Ling Tyler-Bennett; to all who nominated the Wonderful Women for the Roll of Honour, to Lucy Temple for researching and compiling the list, and to Sanna Shahzada who did a great job of managing the presentation on the day.

International Women’s Day Roll of Honour 2013

 Wonderful Women       

The 2013 IWD Roll of Honour, nominated by Pink Shoe Club members & friends is announced. Those nominating said about these inspiring women:


She demonstrates that women can be great, respected and liked leaders 
She inspires me with her vision, her application and her work ethic
She speaks sense and gives practical advice 
She cares and goes out of her way to make a real difference 
She demonstrates how consistency creates results  
She embodies the ethos of helping others reach their full potential 
She has made an outstanding contribution to the lives of others
……What she has achieved so far is only the beginning of a long and fruitful journey

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