Is Bluetooth better than SMS Marketing?

Bluetooth vs SMS Mobile Phone Marketing.

I get asked this question a lot, so I have set out the differences between them, you can make up your mind which you think is better value for money and targets your customer directly.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile Marketing is a set of practices that enables organisations to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.

Why use Mobile Marketing?

With over 60 Million mobile phone users in the UK it makes Mobile Marketing the most effective and cost efficient strategy available with a high Return on Investment (ROI) when used correctly.
MOBILE MARKETING FAQ’S What information can we send to people?

You can send a variety of rich media to consumers (images, text, videos, sound, games etc.) Contact can be made to promote and inform a customer of special offers, product information and event news.

What is Bluetooth Mobile Marketing?

Bluetooth Marketing is the localised wireless distribution of advertising content assocaited with a particulur place. Information can be pushed towards users who have their devices enabled for bluetooth and then transmitted once the user has agreed to receive. Information sent can be text, audio, images or video and will hold information that is place or time specific.

How many people use Bluetooth?

95% of mobile phones sold today are bluetooth enabled which has increased by 5% since 2008. Statistics show that over 70% of consumers leave their bluetooth switched on throughout the day and through incentives this number has potential to increase.

Where can we use Bluetooth?

Bluetooth technology can be used both indoors and outdoors with equal success. Areas such as retail centres, exhibitions, sports stadiums and public areas are ideal, but equally people use our solution for private networks and information distribution.

What does it cost to send and receive Bluetooth messages?

Bluetooth is free to use and therefore once you have invested in the equipment , training and maintainence solution the number of transmissions are free no matter whether it is 1 or 1 million people you connect with.

Is Bluetooth permission based?

Yes – All content is delivered on an opt-in permission basis. Unlike SMS and Email it is not technically possible to fully transmit content over Bluetooth without first receiving permission from the end user.

Are Bluetooth messages SPAM?

No – Because people have to give permission to receive data this means that only people who accept the transfer will receive it. The server recognises and saves any phones that have rejected a transfer to ensure that the message is not re-sent to them.

How much data can I send?

Files up to 1MB work better, files larger than this can take longer to transmit.

How many people can I contact via Bluetooth?

Our technology can link with up to 105 people simulteaneously every few seconds per broadcasting server. There is no limit as to how many contacts can be made
per day.

Can I manage my own campaign?

Yes – You can upload your own content and schedule the delivery by time, day and date.

Can I measure how successful the method is?

Yes – The server logs all downloaded messages, so you know exactly how many and which customers have received your marketing content. Reports can be pulled down in PDF, Excel or word format using different types of graph be it by time, campaign, product or daily reporting.

How far will the Bluetooth signal reach?

The standard rules are that delivery distance works based on 3 classes:
Class 1, up to 100 metres
Class 2, up to 10 metres
Class 3 up to 1 metre

Atenna Boosters can also be used to increase delivery distance.

Here at isend we work with a team of developers meaning there is no upper or lower limit on the distance that we can deliver Bluetooth messages to. We always advise that a more targeted strategy is more beneficial as the recipient is in the right area of the offer when they receive the data meaning data is kept relevant and in real time.

What is SMS Mobile Marketing?

Brands use this service to promote brand awareness, services, offers and products by sending out a text style message to the recipient.

Does it cost to receive a SMS message?

Most SMS providers require a fee for this service for each individual message. Costs are usually associated with competition, music or subscriptions of some sort. Whilst there is not much initial investment upfront for equipment (maybe software if you chose to self manage) the on going costs in relations to bluetooth can be quite expensive.

How effective is SMS Marketing?

Information from the Mobile Data Association (MDA) shows that circa 217 Million texts are sent daily in the UK meaning this is one of the more effective ways of communicating. Statistics also show that 75% of texts are read immediantly showing this as 4 times higher than email readings.

Can we send data to our existing customer base?

Yes – We have the knowledge and experience of database integration, so you can send out marketing offers to your existing customers who have given you their contact details and agreed for contact to be made.

How many SMS Messages can I send?

There is no limit on how many SMS messages you send, this is entirely up to the company as to how much you would like to budget for SMS marketing

How much information can I send in 1 SMS?

Here at Orgatise we use a credits facility for charging usage. 1 credit is 160 characters. There is no limit as to how many characters can be sent but we advise that less is more and information should be direct and straight to the point.

What is a SMS shortcode?

Short codes, also known as short numbers are special telephone numbers, significantly shorter than full telephone numbers that can be used to address SMS messages. Short codes are designed to be easier to read and remember than normal telephone numbers. Like telephone numbers, short codes are unique.

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