5 steps to turning website traffic into customers

by Diane Shawe

What good is SEO and driving traffic to your website if nothing ever converts into a customer?

Would you rather have lots of visitors with no conversions or less visitors with higher conversions?

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You have to realize that everything starts with your website and then onto mobiles!. Your website needs to be able to funnel the traffic in a way that will create some sort of action which is often been taken on mobile smartphones. That means conversion aspects in place, up to date design and lots of branding.

Here are some ways to turn your website traffic into customers:

Create an Apps Downloadable link
Over 500,000 apps was created last year for mainly the iphone and blackberry.  this is set to quadruple in 2011/12.  Apps originally where designed primarily as games, but now businesses are using them to brand and keep people focused on their cool, quick and uncomplicated processes.

For instance trainlines, tesco, strarbucks, mac donalds to name but a few make the shopping experience on your mobile phone translucent.

You do not have to be a large business, an apps is surely the best way to establish your pressence on your consumers smartphone. You could recruit, update, take payment, socialise with your consumer in an intimate cyber way never experienced before.

Live Chat
The live chat features out there today are incredible allowing you to see where a visitor is going and where they came from. You can ping in and ask them a question or you could simply wait until someone needs a question answered and they ping you and believe it or not but you could also do this in real time from your smartphones or ipad/notepads when your online and roaming around.

Shopping Cart Development
Shopping cart abandonment is a big problem for some websites and if the development is not in place to analyse or at least try to save the sale there could be a great deal of revenue lost. Install efforts that can ask a customer a question if they decide to leave the shopping cart anywhere through the process or propose to them a discount or coupon in order to have them move forward with the transaction.

Lots of smaller transactions can now be processed over the clients mobile phone so exploring mobile phone payment solutions is also a useful way to go.

Easy Communication
Your website visitor should be able to communicate with someone at your business with little to no effort. They shouldn’t have to look for a contact form or seek out a phone number at any time because most people will not look for a way to communicate with you. Make it as easy as possible for them to be able to talk to you.  Have an apps located on your website, when they have downnloaded it free of charge, a click to call or email link can be very useful.

Clean Up Your Design
Sometimes all it takes is to really clean up your homepage design to entice people to want to work with you. You only have once chance to make a first impression and if your design and development is really off queue than people might just tune out right away.

Turning website traffic into customers is no easy step. Unless it’s an emergency, most people will focus on comparing online before they buy. some buy on price, others on how reliable the website looks, what people say about your services and how secure the payment process is.

Staying current and working with new technology is the best way forward. To find out more about how you could use an apps in your business, click here

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