Another step forward for Bluetooth retailing

Cellebrite, which specializes in point-of-sale (POS) mobile content transfer and back up, has added to its Universal Memory Exchanger (UME) line-up with the launch of the Cellebrite Touch.

It’s a touch screen tablet device for mobile phone operators, retailers and service centres, which facilitates the instant transfer of a customer’s mobile content to a new phone, with the added option of increasing sales value with the installation of additional mobile apps or content at the point of purchase. The device has already been implemented at multiple Tier 1 operators in Western Europe.

The device sports a 7-inch touch screen for ease of operation, and is equipped with wi-fi and Bluetooth. It enables the phone-to-phone-transfer of all content, including contacts, messages, photos, videos and audio files, and supports more than 3,000 phone makes and models. Content can be backed up or restored to a USB device, SD card, remote server or third party application. It is also capable of firmware flashing, which can fix many faults on site, eliminating the need to return the handset to the vendor or network operator. Cellebrite says its own experience has shown that introducing on-site flashing can reduce returns to vendors by as much as 30 per cent.

Want to find out more about the pro’s and cons of bluetooth v SMS

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